donderdag 27 november 2014

Can you spot the difference between a tartan scarf and a picnic blanket?

This beautiful tartan scarf reminded me very much of the lovely woolen throw I keep over the sofa. I found this scarf at Zara by accident (as one does!) and I love it! I already have an enormous stack of scarves but I had nothing like this which so perfectly puts all my colors of this season together. 

Burgundy bag from Liebeskind, also shown here. Trousers by a Danish brand called Whiite. Orange gloves from an unknown brand via Showroom Prive (which sound dodgy but is actually a shopping outlet where you can find real bargains)

And this how the scarf is shown on Zara's website! That made me smile! Really, all is needed now is a bottle of cold white wine and strawberries (and a bit of warmer weather)

The throw I use on the sofa is in fact the Random All Wool Picnic Blanket from Tweedmill Textiles, made from recycled wool. I found it in the gift shop at Kew Gardens last summer. I had a look on their website just now, but they don't seem to sell them online. Amazon in the UK does at two tenners a piece which is just a tad more than the Zara scarf. Quite a bargain. The painting you can just see on the right is by a British painter called Jo Oakley (see more here). As I have a small sitting room it sort of adds an extra piece of furniture. I have been in love with this painting since I saw it in a gallery in The Hague and I simply love her work!

Next day I wore it (the scarf not the random blanket - that would indeed be random) with the dark yellow cocoon coat I bought from Zara a few months earlier. It is no longer available on line, however, Alyson from That's Not my Age wrote a blog on mustard yellow winter coats a month ago you could draw shopping inspiration from.

Teamed here with brown leather gloves and yet another accidental acquisition, a greenisch fedora hat. Because I forgot my sunglasses I bought a hat on Brighton Beach last summer (makes sense, no?) and it turned out to be quite fashionable. I have not been wearing it much as my husband hates it (too much forest-ranger he thinks plus it won't stay on when I'm cycling) but now I see these photo's, I think I should throw caution in the wind. 

You can disappear in this scarf; is so lovely big and soft and warm, it feels like wearing a wool blanket. There is by the way, nothing wrong with your eyes, yes, sorry, these pictures are fuzzy. I have improved the photographic side of things slightly but found out that it is rather hard focusing on nothing while shooting photographs. I use the delayed action shutter and really need to put a prop or something at where I am going to stand. Will be continued......

What do you think? Are you a lover of big tartan scarves or do you prefer a more neutral item around your neck? Let me know!

See you next time,


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