vrijdag 14 november 2014

Casual Friday

Beeing on a sabbatical doesn't mean, I can't wear my office garb anymore, I just need to dress it down a bit.
Combining this old flowery number from Vanilla with tough boots and a granddad-cardigan I created a new, loose (could we even say cool?) look with items I've had for ages.

The new addition is the bag! I never concidered myself 'a bag-lady' but something has happened! I'm not quite sure if I should start to get worried or not. In the meanwhile I serously love love love love this bag. It's the Addison Double Dyed Shoulder Tote bag from Liebeskind, a wonderfull German brand. It means so much as 'lovechild' or ''lovebaby' and every single item in their collection could carry that title indeed!

Last year's Cos oversized cardigan (oversized it is but not too much and proved itself vertisile plus comfortable plus good quality last winter) This year in differerent colours but the same cut & material & buttons. See here

A simular dress can be found here although it's sleeveless. 

Addison Double Dyed Shoulder Tote bag from Liebeskind available at several places, like the Dutch webshop Orangebag (also in brownisch-green)

 Blogging makes a thirsty job!

Reading the blog En Brogue by Hannah Rochell on the derby brogue boot inspired me to dig these out of the back of my wardrobe. They actually had a thick layer of dust on them (like a good bottle of wine) but they are still perfect after 6 years. They are more or less a standard issue boot from a Dutch brand, Dungelmann. They have a simular boot here with a zipper on the side. Not sure if that's an improvement, I'm happier with mine.

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