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Be honest, what was the first thing that popped up in your mind when you saw this photo? German (schlager)folksinger from the 1980? or fashionable fortysomething? I had a bit of a fright to be honest when I first saw this picture on the tiny screen of my Iphone. (a besides: I perched the phone on a shoebox filled with a folded tablecloth on top of a stepladder by way of tripod. Must see to the technique..*note to self*) I decided to go with the fashionable notion but stylingwise it needed something else. Maybe the combo with this belt isn't quite right. The belt in it self is fine but this look reminds me too much of how we wore jeans in the '80. (you probably care not to remember: oversized & high waisted too much fabric held together with a tight belt which instantly made you a stone havier)

A brown leather trouser has been secret love of mine since I borrowed one for a party when I was in sixth form (the Dutch equivalent of)I had a tight spec though: not to skinny or too baggy or a jogger, a real trouser as supposed too a legging or tregging, not too bikey (i.e male), not too kinky or German (lederhosen!) and of course not to expensive. And it had to be real leather. Ia m sure there a lovely fake leather trousers around but it's just not me. I never managed to find one that was remotely affordable until a few weeks ago, I spotted this one at Mango. They call it dark khaki but it is brown. Which is all the better for I always fear a forest-ranger-atmosphere with khaki.

Great isn't it?

Mango bombards us with discount-codes (too much stock perhaps?) so it was certainly worth a try at a mere €85 /£ 63I had to wrestle with the sizes and wait for a return for weeks and weeks but finely, -I nearly hugged the deliveryman- it arrived! I wore them throughout last weekend and my program consisted of taking Youngest Son to swimming lesson, a bout of light shopping, having coffee, reading the paper, taking the metro (tube) to see a friend who's just had a baby. That's about it. So nothing strenuous or intensive or anything like that. And still.. my bum looked like this:

Mango Leather trousers combined with a jumper from J.W. Anderson, bought at bargain in the sale at Matches, its made from a weird kind of plasticy-fabric and it unexpectedly turned out to be one of my favorites.

Wear and tearmarks on my left buttock! I sit with my right leg crossed over my left. Maybe this creates a pressurepoint on the left buttockbone which causes the leather to crackle. Maybe I've sat on my arse too much as I tend to do, like all western citizens. You'd think our modern day clothes should be resilient enough for this sort of use but apparently not. Now I need to even out these marks! So next time I'm wearing these trousers I have to consciously cross my left leg over my right. Complicated!

I did however also move around last weekend. And that resulted in this:

 Crackle-marks at the knee! 

If you wear them with socks they end up specked with 'leatherdust'. I don't yet know if this will disappear in the wash (not washed the socks yet) On that subject though, these trousers are exceptionally easy: no washing or dry cleaning! (ahem, I might see this positive as a negative after a few wears..)
And my final grumble: it is noisy as hell. When you walk you hear this 'swichsss, swichsss, swichssss-sound) Not something to wear when you plan to silently creep up on someone (admittedly not needed on a daily basis but sometime being able to suddenly appear from out of nowhere is handy, with kids for example). 

Mustn't complain but look for options now I'm in the possession of the long yearned for trouser:

I tried a few more looks:
Without belt. Sags a bit too much then as it's too wide at the waist. This is a size 10. Normally this wouldn't be a problem for a tailor but this leather trouser cannot be altered. The two-tone soft pink of my Humanoid jumper (A/W 2012) combines well with the brown.
Teamed with my bright jumper from Marc by Marc Jacobs from Coggle outlet, not available anymore but tons of other interesting designers stuff at Common Men's Prices  and mid-heel burgundy ankle boots from Kickers (they don't have anything similar anymore and frankly I did not see one single item on their website that I liked, how strange is that!?)
Combined with a vintage Etenne Aigner belt (belonged to my mother in the 1980's) I like this look, this works.
Of course black will look fabulous too. I will wear them next time with a black rollneck jumper and my very pointy black witches' shoes (see my first blog -still in Dutch). Or a simple soft cream jumper and trainers. Possibilities are endless.

This fine pair of trousers (honestly the leather is very soft and comfortable) goes from new to vintage in matter of days. If it will then go from vintage to worn-out in an equal amount of time, time will tell. I like the vintage feel but I am slightly apprehensive about it proving to be a 
one-season-wonder after all. In general I like my clothes to last at least three seasons. Anyhow, I like it now and I plan to wear it loads. And if I love it but it falls apart, it's time to invest in a better quality pair of leather trousers.

What do you think?

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