zaterdag 15 november 2014

The missing link between fashion and plasters....

Throwback picture: this is me in my beloved Snoopy-sweater in 1984 (I was 13)

And this is what I loved reading:

So!..........I was really thrownback when I saw this in the December issue of the Dutch Elle:

Funny and sweet indeed but too ludicrously prized to wear ironic. 
i.e at € something you could by a good bicycle for. And those glasses! I had round owl-glasses to see what was written on the blackboard. I'm sure that I did not look cool AT ALL in my Snoopy-jumper teamed with big glasses and limp hair. How does she get away with it now? It makes me laugh! On the whole I regard the 'you-should-never-wear-a-style-you-have-worn-before'-rule one to absolutely brake to your harts content. In this instance however I should advise to stick very closely to this rule. Not a good idea to start wearing ones teenager's clothes again. 

To be honest, I actually do like the thicker rimmed glasses after 10 years of Silhouette's but I will be looking for a slighter subtler style.

And my Woodstock and Snoopy? I like them best here:

A sweet little tin with plasters!

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