donderdag 4 december 2014

Count your blessings: restyling an old favorite item

Do you also feel a bit worn out after all the million discount codes of late, Black Friday, Cyber Monday (or in fact the cyber week?) and all the pre-pre-pre-sales? Now you could, in a politically correct way, state that you strictly adhered to your list. I'd believe you straight away! Of course, you would have done that sensible thing and not already buy things for next spring or surrender to bargains you simply couldn't refuse. No, you are far far far too sensible for that, indeed. 

Really? Hahaha!

Well I treated myself a bit too much and now I feel bloated and dazed like how I feel when I've had days of rich food, sweets, cakes, crisps and wine. What helps to quickly return to normal routine is starting with something modest, like a slice of bread with cheese and a cup of tea. The clothes' equivalent of such treatment would be wearing my oldest pair of jeans with a comfortable sweater. I did't though. Maybe I felt a bit ashamed after my overindulgence. Whilst trying to find hangers and space for my new things I suddenly thought: 'count your blessings, I have a wardrobe overflowing with wonderful stuff!'
So I dug out my oldest item in my wardrobe (by that I mean a real piece of garment not a draggy t-shirt). It is a fitted black blazer from a Danish label called St Martins. It was once a part of a suit which I wore to work quite often, with the matching skirt or black straight trousers. I've bought it before my second pregnancy so it must be about 9 years old. I remember wearing it to the jobinterview for my last job (I was made redundant last March hence the sabbatical) I haven't worn this blazer in three years, I guess. Could I wear it in a more casual way? I'm not a blazer-at-home-wearer I found out, but if I teamed this with black skinnies, a simple tee and wedge boots, would that work?

Time to find out:

I still love the blazer but it says work to me. It is not only the cut but the pin-stripes that refer too much to officialdom despite the happy stitching and bright green lining. I always made sure to wear formal work clothes with a twist because I can look quite stern and scary (admittedly, that can come in handy but usually not the message I would like to convey)
I took it off straight after taking the photo's (which are an improvement compared to my last post, no?) All thanks to Madam Mannequin who I haven't introduced to you yet. Well she is a dummy who will function as my focus & detail-shot -assistant. I have ventured outside the house with Madam Mannequin yesterday and I did get some funny looks and comments but I would get them anyway with a camera on a tripod taking pictures of my good self (are you vain, or what?) Well, I guess the people of Rotterdam will get used to me & Madam Mannequin, give it time.

If you are wondering why MM is wearing a dress in side's for an classified add trying to sell a Just in Case dress which is too large for me (sobs). Curious?

Blazer: St. Martins (they don't have similar blazers at the moment but beautiful other items)
Slashneck top: Primark
High rise black skinny jeans: Flippa K
Boots: Bruno Premi
Bag: my ten year old work briefcase by Claudio Ferrici 
Bangle: Hema (great Dutch household and general store, now international and online. Do check it out, it is great! oh I've said that already)

What is your oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe? Do you still wear it now?

Please let me know!

See you next time,


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