zondag 7 december 2014

How I have worn my Zara collarless mustard yellow coat

This autumn I treated myself to this collarless mustard yellow coat from Zara. I've always loved collarless coats but was not entirely sure if it would work when temperatures would seriously drop. I bought the Zara coat because I love the wide cut and almost teddybear-fabric (partly mohair) and colour, of course the colour! I now found out it works well on its own in early autumn, with skirts and dresses and trousers and all manner of footwear. It has proved it self very versatile, it combines with a great variety of scarves. You would think that mustard is a difficult colour as supposed to neutrals like camel or sand but it matches wonderfully well with bright pink, grey, taupe, burgundy, brown, even orange. As can be expected from a Zara coat (she admits grudgingly), it's not the best quality in the world. It has started to pill at were my bag touches the fabric and it's only warm enough with a ginormous scarf when there is absolutely no wind. The fabric is quite loosely woven so the wind blows right through. This is Rotterdam; there is always wind here! While cycling in the morning to take my sons to school I've had my chest nearly frozen off a few days ago so I have reverted to a more practical (no worries, yet stylish) coat. This mustard beauty will come out on other occasions. I'm sure it will last me another autumn and then I could always 'invest' in a better quality collarless coat. But I love it for now!

Mustard yellow cocoon coat
Oversized collarless coat

Zara doesn't stock this coat anymore. Similar items are these:

Mauro Grifoni



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