maandag 15 december 2014

Purple and green should never be seen (Visible Monday)

Years ago I found this wonderful blueish-purple short coat of thick wool in the sale of an online designers' outlet-store closing it's virtual doors. I'm always very fond of rummaging around in the dregs of the sale! Serendipity-light I call this way of acquiring unique items. I paid under €50,00 for it and worn it so many times I actually reduced the price per wear to €00,40 and counting.
This peplum jacket is made by Rebecca Taylor, a brand I had never heard of before. I don't shop brands, I shop colour, shape, fabric, quality etc.
I Googled the name and had quite a shock! Expensive stuff! A peplum coat is a handy thing to have, to wear over a long (evening)dress or skirt. And as you can see her, it look good on skinnies too!
The scarf is also an oldie, it was given to me when I bought a Barbour coat 10 years ago. It's still in perfect condition, that's real lambswool for you!
The green beret I bought on a French market during a holiday many many summers ago. All in all an combination of favorite items from my wardrobe. Its warm and colourful, exactly what you need on a cold and grey day. See more great outfits from my fellow bloggers on Not Dead Yet Style: Visable Monday

I love the pointy buttons! The gloves are from Petit Bois, a Dutch company specialized in leather gloves. Similar scarves (beauties! I will actually shop for more tartan scarves very soon!) can be found here. Ted Baker has a likewise coat, I found one here.

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