donderdag 11 december 2014

Styling an oversized studio Jux jumper with a skirt

Last summer I found this pure wool oversized jumper from studio Jux at a samplesale cum fashion exhibition in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. It's a wonderful label founded by Dutch fashion designer Jitske Lundgren. I talked to her partner (sorry, forgot to write down name) who manned the stall, while Jitske was in Nepal! That's where they have their gorgeous clothes made by local Nepali women in their own factory in a sustainable way. You can actually 'meet' these tailors in the handshake-part of the website of Studio Jux. Really lovely and it gives an extra dimension to your clothes. They are not made by an anonymous body but a real women you can relate to. I think initiatives like these are very important to change the way 
clothes are produced in developing countries. As an occupational health professional (before sabbatical) I certainly feel that everybody around the globe has the right to work in a safe and healthy place. I didn't know anything about the sustainability outlook of the this brand beforehand, I was simply attracted to the beautiful water or glass colour and the texture and feel of the knit. I love the huge collar with the buttons on the front and the zigzag pattern. This oversized jumper has been in my wardrobe for a while and I've been touching it a lot when contemplating what to wear, waiting for the weather to turn a bit colder. Finally that time has come!

On Tuesday I took Madam Mannequin out for her first real outing. The place I took her to photograph is natuurtalent, our local cityfarm and education and workproject. All about sustainability! It has opened in March this year in neglected school gardens in part of the local park. Natuurtalent ('Nature Talent') is about 1,7 kilometers from my house, right under the fightpath of the Rotterdam The Hague Airport and right besides the motorway. Still, between airplanes and the constant drum of cars in the background, it is such an idyllic place! I really love being there, just walking around or have a cup of tea or having my sons play in the treehut. They have regular Saturday markets in their grounds where you can find all manner of local produced goods; Natuurtalent's own produce, local honey, beautiful cheeses, mustard and so on. If you are in the vicinity: this Saturday (December 13th) there is yet another Puurtalentmarkt (Pure Talent Market)
Madam Mannequin is wearing a scarf by a French brand, VDMD. I had to google them and found out they are all about sustainability too! I couldn't however find anywhere that stocks these wonderful scarves online. (tips are welcome)
I have teamed my studio Jux jumper with an old-ish Humanoid skirt (lovely Dutch brand, do check out the website) made from cupro-silk. It more or less has accidentally the same water colour (I love this colour so much I have various items in this watery turquoise). On my feet I have classic 'horsey' Scapa boots which I bought in the sale at Zalando a few weeks ago. I love this monochrome look and the different textures work well together; the big jumper with the large knit in a matte tone and the flowing smooth shiny silk.
Here are some behind the scenes pictures:
It was a really cold day!

How do you wear -if at all- oversized jumpers?

See you next time,


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