vrijdag 30 januari 2015

Wardrobe Glue: Shades of Grey and Yellow

Grey marl sweater, Ines de la Fressange

Sometimes the simplest things can make you so happy and make your wardrobe complete (well, for a while at least) I call it wardrobeglue: something that stylishly binds random odds and ends together. Despite my self imposed spending ban I bought a grey marl sweater. It only cost two tenners (yes, a bit more in euro's plus shipping but still...) I had been looking for a while for this humble garment and couldn't find one I liked. This one is from Uniqlo's latest Ines de la Fressange range (sold out now) and it ticked all the boxes. Suddenly a sea of wardrobe opportunities opened in front of me....
I'll share one with you today:

This spring/summer caftan-type-jacket has been winking at me in my wardrobe for ages. I bought it at Zara last year, worn it a couple of times but in general found it a difficult yet beautiful jacket. Now I found a way to wear it in winter! Here I have teamed it with said grey sweater, black skinnies, a self made necklace, green fedora hat (bought at Brighton Beach last summer, by a British brand called Lili & Poppy headwear) and a huge grey scarve & gloves. More on the gloves in this post. The brooch I found at a market for €1. All old items brought to live by one single piece: a plain grey sweater. Who would have thought that! Never underestimate a good neutral! 

Zara jacket

Then I saw this photograph, o dear, I still have the masking tape on my wrist. I use tape to put a piece of black cloth over the ocular to prevent light falling in (I make self portraits, very complicated at times). I love these high rise skinnies and I wear his one all the time. It is made of very good quality thick cotton and it is warm enough for winter. This is the Lola Super Stretch Skinny Jeans by Flippa K (maybe here you can get lucky to find a last item). The boots are made in heaven, I am sure, by Blackstone. It is a Dutch brand originally specialized in workwear but evolved into a designer label. The boots are made of leather and fully lined with sheepskin, and so so so warm! (here there are a couple left in the sale)

I wave goodbye to you with my hat for now!

Do you need wardrobeglue? What would your wardrobeglue be? Let me know in the comments!

See you next time,


maandag 26 januari 2015

My LBD (Little Birthday Dress) from Cos

LBD, Cos dress
party dressing
party dressing

A few weeks ago it was my birthday (I turned 22 - hahaha, okay, twice that) I celebrated it with my favorite men: husband and sons with a great family film in the cinema and a Italian dinner afterwards. This is the dress I wore, a lbd with a difference. I found it at Cos and I must honestly say I would never have guessed from the way it looked online or in the shop it would work out this well. Clothes at Cos often have very little 'hanger-appeal' but something magical happened when I put this dress on. It has a great fit, lovely material (100% wool) and pockets! And I love the inky-paintsplattery colored print. It combines well with classic black but also with dark brown, navy or off-white. I love back and navy combinations, and depending on the light this dress has a more black or navy overall look (Patty from Not Dead Yet Style would approve!)
Here I teamed this dress (which is not available anymore but Cos usually has similar styles) with dark brown 100 denier tights and platform high heel boots from Unisa (also worn under a jumperdress in this outfit post). The only thing I can moan about, is that I need help doing the zipper up at the back (my husband actually likes that - is that a sexist thing or cute?) This dress made me feel happy first time around in the changing cubicle, again on my birthday and every time I've worn it since. It is a keeper!

Yesterday I made two batches of our favorite cakes. Sugar/gluten/lactose-free bluebery muffins for me and classic Madeleines for the boys. The photo on the right proves I am not a saint with my eating habbits: I couldn't resist the Madeleines!

Do you have a happy dress?

See you next time,


vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Support liberté, wear Breton stripes!

In Yesterdays newspaper I read an interview with Shabir Burhani, a young radical Muslim from Afghan descent who is also a Public Administration student in the Netherlands. His views frightened me. Mr Burhani says (amongst other scary things) the attack on Charlie Hebdo was something they had coming, they were warned, they could have prevented it. He says this attack is to be recommended! This young man will soon be let loose on our society with a degree in Public Administration. It scares the hell out of me that people like him will have positions of power one day. Radicals will not stop targeting our freedom and democracy. They do not shun from violence. They hate our freedom of speech & print and they hate equality between man and woman. We have to take the threat these people constitute seriously and not dismiss them anymore as harmless lunatics in dresses (which has been the case in Holland for quite a long time)

OK. What is all this doing on a personal style and fashion blog?

At this point in my life I feel there is not much I can do but air my concerns online. Hang on! There is a long tradition of wearing specific clothes or adornments to express feelings, opinions, believes and causes to support. Only think of t-shirts with protest slogans... That is not really my style but a classic Breton Stripe is! The still relevant idea of Liberté, égalité, fraternité
(Freedom, equality, fraternity) can be expressed with Breton stripes! The traditional shirt counts 21 navy and white stripes which symbolize Napoleons conquests (I know it was quite someone else who came up with the tripartite motto, but that is not the point here). Later it was added to the official sailors uniform and then it was picked up by Chanel. We all know the story. And we all own at least one Breton Striped top; it has become a staple item in our wardrobes. So it won't be difficult to do this:

I declared my classic Amor Lux Breton Jumper a support top. I support freedom of speech, democracy and equality! I suggest you do the same. It's no trouble!
Maybe take a selfie and post it on Facebook, Instagram and all the other social media. I know I will (with this post)

Furthermore, to commemorate the victims of this vicious attack I think we should all wear Breton Stripes on the 7th of January next year! I know I will and I will post about it again then. Join Breton Stipe Day!

Will you join me?

See you next time,


dinsdag 13 januari 2015

Dark Denim, Neutrals & an Apology

My sincere apologies to Orangebag and Zenggi, my two favorite Dutch webshops. Actually a huge apology to all shopkeepers around the globe. First of all I need to apologize about always buying in the sale. Sorry. I can't help myself, I am and always have been a cheapskate. I love good quality and the fact you won't bump into someone soon with the same clobber, but I hate to spend my entire budget on one single piece. 
And now.....I won't buy anything at all anymore! Nothing, nada, noppes!
I am skint. There, I have said it and it is completely self inflicted. How did that happen? It is very simple: this Spring I am going back to (part-time) college and the fees are ski-high. Sacrifices have to be made. I am going to study to be sort of an occupational health specialist while I already am some sort of occupational health-type-person (you may fall a sleep). I say 'sort of' because this specific kind ('arbeidsdeskundige' for Dutch readers) only exist in the Netherlands due to the very weird & wonderful social legislation here.

As fond as I am of fashion and style, I do resent actual shopping in real shops. Shopping centers together with theme parks and organized package holidays are the first ring of Hell in my eyes.
Webshops are a God sent to me and I have been a customer of Orangebag from the first hour. That must be about 9 years now. And that is why I feel so terrible about this. I feel so so quilty! (you can tell, can't you, from the photo's)
Orangebag and Zenngi provide the most excellent service and I always -without fail - find brilliant clothes in their shops. And now I have not only stayed away during the still ongoing sale but I will stay away for over a year. At least 14 months! To make up (a tiny tiny tiny bit I know!) I have a bunch of fresh orange tulips here for them while I am showing items from their shops.
I have worn this versatile denim skirt a lot since I bought it, I absolutely love it and it is a real mystery to me that all sizes are still available in the sale! Go Hurry! The thin-knit sweater I simply love because it is a great layering item and not a full blown turtleneck which I don't seem to be able to wear. Here I wear a neutral colored longsleave shirt underneath it but it is easily combined with a blouse. And then it has a great 'see through' quality which I will show in another post soon.

Skirt: Zenggi, all sizes still available here (€65,95) I'm a Medium.
Jumper: Bruuns Bazaar via Orangebag, still available in M and L here (€41,70)
Bag: Liebeskind Berlin, available here not in the sale (€199,99)
Chelsea boot: Catarina Martins (old) see website for more information 
Trainers: Woden, available here not in the sale (€99,95)

Do you make buying rules and do you manage to stick to them? I hope I will!

Let me know in the comments,

see you next time,


donderdag 1 januari 2015

A tale of a Dante6 jumperdress twice worn

This is a jumperdress from the Dutch brand Dante 6 in soft tones and a fiery red back. I love jumperdresses! You can create completely different looks with them. I'll show you these two: dressy on New Years Eve and practical for the walk on the beach today. 
This dress is from a sample sale and I really have no idea if Dante6 ever produced this dress. Maybe it is years old, I don't know and I don't really care, I just love this dress. The fuzzy soft fabric (it's a mohair mix) is brought to live with the bright splash of colour on the back. It is a bit of a surprise when you turn around! In general I like it when clothes have different backs and fronts. The knit is very very very warm so I had to wait wearing this dress until temperatures dropped under 5 oC. I am looking forward to wearing it when it is even colder. So nice to have a dress you can wear in the midst of winter. It was certainly warm enough to stand outside in to watch the fireworks and cheer with the neighbors.

Here I've teamed it with wool tights, high heeled brown boots (old, by Unisa, see the website they still do similar styles)) and a fake red coral bracelet. And lipstick. Lipstick! It may sound alien to some, but I haven't owned a red lipstick for decades. I couldn't tell you why. I lived peacefully without it for ages (in my late twenties I wouldn't leave the house without lipstick though but that disappeared somehow) And suddenly, a week before Christmas I urgently needed bright red lipstick! I found this lip shade called Watermelon by Bobbi Brown and I am ever so pleased with it. The earrings I found in a local chemist's.

Happy New Year!

Today we went for a walk on the beach. No new years' dive for us (see on the weird Dutch habit to take a dive in the sea on January 1st, brrrr) but a refreshing walk with my family. The dress I wore last night is teamed here with a pair of trousers, my trusted Barbour waxcoat (about 10 years old) and lined boots from Blackstone. These are very comfortable and warm (watertight also I found out) but still stylish. My youngest suddenly needed to wee and being 5 years old he unzipped his trousers on the spot and started to....aaaah! My husband continued making photographs but they would pass the censors on internet. He looked exactly like Manneke Pis from Antwerp, hahha!
The red bag is from Liebeskind (see at Orangebag)

See you soon,

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