donderdag 1 januari 2015

A tale of a Dante6 jumperdress twice worn

This is a jumperdress from the Dutch brand Dante 6 in soft tones and a fiery red back. I love jumperdresses! You can create completely different looks with them. I'll show you these two: dressy on New Years Eve and practical for the walk on the beach today. 
This dress is from a sample sale and I really have no idea if Dante6 ever produced this dress. Maybe it is years old, I don't know and I don't really care, I just love this dress. The fuzzy soft fabric (it's a mohair mix) is brought to live with the bright splash of colour on the back. It is a bit of a surprise when you turn around! In general I like it when clothes have different backs and fronts. The knit is very very very warm so I had to wait wearing this dress until temperatures dropped under 5 oC. I am looking forward to wearing it when it is even colder. So nice to have a dress you can wear in the midst of winter. It was certainly warm enough to stand outside in to watch the fireworks and cheer with the neighbors.

Here I've teamed it with wool tights, high heeled brown boots (old, by Unisa, see the website they still do similar styles)) and a fake red coral bracelet. And lipstick. Lipstick! It may sound alien to some, but I haven't owned a red lipstick for decades. I couldn't tell you why. I lived peacefully without it for ages (in my late twenties I wouldn't leave the house without lipstick though but that disappeared somehow) And suddenly, a week before Christmas I urgently needed bright red lipstick! I found this lip shade called Watermelon by Bobbi Brown and I am ever so pleased with it. The earrings I found in a local chemist's.

Happy New Year!

Today we went for a walk on the beach. No new years' dive for us (see on the weird Dutch habit to take a dive in the sea on January 1st, brrrr) but a refreshing walk with my family. The dress I wore last night is teamed here with a pair of trousers, my trusted Barbour waxcoat (about 10 years old) and lined boots from Blackstone. These are very comfortable and warm (watertight also I found out) but still stylish. My youngest suddenly needed to wee and being 5 years old he unzipped his trousers on the spot and started to....aaaah! My husband continued making photographs but they would pass the censors on internet. He looked exactly like Manneke Pis from Antwerp, hahha!
The red bag is from Liebeskind (see at Orangebag)

See you soon,


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