dinsdag 13 januari 2015

Dark Denim, Neutrals & an Apology

My sincere apologies to Orangebag and Zenggi, my two favorite Dutch webshops. Actually a huge apology to all shopkeepers around the globe. First of all I need to apologize about always buying in the sale. Sorry. I can't help myself, I am and always have been a cheapskate. I love good quality and the fact you won't bump into someone soon with the same clobber, but I hate to spend my entire budget on one single piece. 
And now.....I won't buy anything at all anymore! Nothing, nada, noppes!
I am skint. There, I have said it and it is completely self inflicted. How did that happen? It is very simple: this Spring I am going back to (part-time) college and the fees are ski-high. Sacrifices have to be made. I am going to study to be sort of an occupational health specialist while I already am some sort of occupational health-type-person (you may fall a sleep). I say 'sort of' because this specific kind ('arbeidsdeskundige' for Dutch readers) only exist in the Netherlands due to the very weird & wonderful social legislation here.

As fond as I am of fashion and style, I do resent actual shopping in real shops. Shopping centers together with theme parks and organized package holidays are the first ring of Hell in my eyes.
Webshops are a God sent to me and I have been a customer of Orangebag from the first hour. That must be about 9 years now. And that is why I feel so terrible about this. I feel so so quilty! (you can tell, can't you, from the photo's)
Orangebag and Zenngi provide the most excellent service and I always -without fail - find brilliant clothes in their shops. And now I have not only stayed away during the still ongoing sale but I will stay away for over a year. At least 14 months! To make up (a tiny tiny tiny bit I know!) I have a bunch of fresh orange tulips here for them while I am showing items from their shops.
I have worn this versatile denim skirt a lot since I bought it, I absolutely love it and it is a real mystery to me that all sizes are still available in the sale! Go Hurry! The thin-knit sweater I simply love because it is a great layering item and not a full blown turtleneck which I don't seem to be able to wear. Here I wear a neutral colored longsleave shirt underneath it but it is easily combined with a blouse. And then it has a great 'see through' quality which I will show in another post soon.

Skirt: Zenggi, all sizes still available here (€65,95) I'm a Medium.
Jumper: Bruuns Bazaar via Orangebag, still available in M and L here (€41,70)
Bag: Liebeskind Berlin, available here not in the sale (€199,99)
Chelsea boot: Catarina Martins (old) see website for more information 
Trainers: Woden, available here not in the sale (€99,95)

Do you make buying rules and do you manage to stick to them? I hope I will!

Let me know in the comments,

see you next time,


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