vrijdag 30 januari 2015

Wardrobe Glue: Shades of Grey and Yellow

Grey marl sweater, Ines de la Fressange

Sometimes the simplest things can make you so happy and make your wardrobe complete (well, for a while at least) I call it wardrobeglue: something that stylishly binds random odds and ends together. Despite my self imposed spending ban I bought a grey marl sweater. It only cost two tenners (yes, a bit more in euro's plus shipping but still...) I had been looking for a while for this humble garment and couldn't find one I liked. This one is from Uniqlo's latest Ines de la Fressange range (sold out now) and it ticked all the boxes. Suddenly a sea of wardrobe opportunities opened in front of me....
I'll share one with you today:

This spring/summer caftan-type-jacket has been winking at me in my wardrobe for ages. I bought it at Zara last year, worn it a couple of times but in general found it a difficult yet beautiful jacket. Now I found a way to wear it in winter! Here I have teamed it with said grey sweater, black skinnies, a self made necklace, green fedora hat (bought at Brighton Beach last summer, by a British brand called Lili & Poppy headwear) and a huge grey scarve & gloves. More on the gloves in this post. The brooch I found at a market for €1. All old items brought to live by one single piece: a plain grey sweater. Who would have thought that! Never underestimate a good neutral! 

Zara jacket

Then I saw this photograph, o dear, I still have the masking tape on my wrist. I use tape to put a piece of black cloth over the ocular to prevent light falling in (I make self portraits, very complicated at times). I love these high rise skinnies and I wear his one all the time. It is made of very good quality thick cotton and it is warm enough for winter. This is the Lola Super Stretch Skinny Jeans by Flippa K (maybe here you can get lucky to find a last item). The boots are made in heaven, I am sure, by Blackstone. It is a Dutch brand originally specialized in workwear but evolved into a designer label. The boots are made of leather and fully lined with sheepskin, and so so so warm! (here there are a couple left in the sale)

I wave goodbye to you with my hat for now!

Do you need wardrobeglue? What would your wardrobeglue be? Let me know in the comments!

See you next time,


2 opmerkingen:

  1. What cool colors in that jacket. So modern! And love your fun photos and the tape on your wrist! :)

    Usually I have too many statement pieces and my wardrobe glue I need is more basics. I just ordered a few online today actually!

    Thanks for joining FUN FASHION FRIDAY and hope to see you next week and every week!

    Dawn Lucy

  2. Such a cute look! I'm in love with this outfit!

    Alena &


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