vrijdag 27 februari 2015

How do old favorite 501's end up?

Like this! Covered in paint and plaster. My 5 year old son made this photograph with my phone, hence the blur. It is half term so I don't have the time or opportunity to make a proper outfit post. In between visits to swimming pools, zoo's, playgrounds, birthday parties and playdates I am changing one of the bedrooms (one can never have enough yellowy orange in a house) Wearing my paint & DIY jeans made me think back about how much I once loved them. These Levi's 501 must be quite old, from before the skinny jeans era. For years this model was my standard jean; I bought one every year. Jeans buying made easy: pluck off the shelve, pay & go, no need for trying them on. Suddenly they fell into disgrace and I moved straight on to skinnies.
How is it possible that these jeans were once my favorites while now I can only see fault at every angle?! (and then I don't mean the paint splatters) The fabric is too stiff and the cut is far too wide. Now, Levi's have revamped their classic (see here for more details) with tapered legs but they kept the 100% cotton non-stretch fabric. The cut looks indeed a lot more contemporary and if I was in need of anther pair of jeans I would definitely try them on. I have slight doubts about the fabric though. After years spend in the comfort of elastane in jeans would I like pure cotton? Then again it is not that different from the boyfriend jean from MIH see here for your self at less then half the price. (I bought a MIH Phoebe Jean in white in the sale, now I think about it, it is pure cotton..must do a post on this)
To be fair, the rise is fine and my bum looks OK in these.
High toptrainers: Kennel + Schmenger. I am so sad I've worn these out! These have not fallen from grace and been degraded to oddjobs-shoes. They are still extremely comfortable but there is a tear at the side at my right shoe and I can't get the leather clean anymore.(simular)

Do you have an old favorite you still use for jobs around the house? What do you think when you are wearing it now?

Let me know in the comments!

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vrijdag 20 februari 2015

Double Demin, Leather & 70s Boho Twist

M&S Flare jeans as seen in Vogue

Marks and Spencer has a new wonderful Indigo Collection (As Seen in Vogue) now and I bought this pair of bootcut jeans. I love them! I am wearing a size 10 in Medium length (they come in 3 different lengths) and they fit me perfectly (I am 1.65 m/ 5'5'') The fabric is very soft and comfortable and so is the prize: €32,00 including delivery. Very happy indeed with this purchase (as I am officially on a spending ban this year....)

This weekend M&S even has a 20% off everything offer! (till February 23th) The code is MSEMFRIEND for the EU-site and FEB15EM for the British website as Kat from Does my bum look 40 in this pointed out in her post about the wonders of M&S.

Dressed like this, I was prepared to feel a little bit like I stepped into my old childhood photoalbum. However, teamed with the leather bikerjacket and the lovely Farrah Clutch from O My Bag it looks contemporary and cool. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like these jeans. I am looking forward to wearing them lots and lots this coming spring and summer. In a local shop I found the tasseled tasseled earrings. Was slightly worried about them being too hippy-ish, with the peace-sign, but now I see they add colour and interest to quite a monochrome outfit. The black and dark aqua print blouse is from French Boho-brand Antik Batik. I found a similar style on their website. So, 70s influence are a yes to me but I am very careful to not let it look like I am on my way to a 70s dress-up party.

My assistants for the day were my mudcovered eldest son and his friends. They think I am mad making photo's of my self; their antics were quite funny but it made things a bit difficult too. Next time I'll find a quieter spot.

Boho earring
Pantanetti shoes

Putting my feet up with a cup of tea afterwards. It is still rather cold here! These shoes are from last summer's collection of Pantanetti. They were quite an investment but absolutely worth it! They are good for walking a whole day and going dancing at the end of it!

What do you make of the return of 70s clothing? Will you embrace this trend wholeheartedly or only dip your little toe in? 

See you next time,


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maandag 16 februari 2015

Women in Clothes: why this book is a transformative conversation about fashion and style

Once you start going through 'Women in Clothes' you can't put the book away. At least I can't!

Women in Clothes is a collection of stories about clothes and style and their meaning to us, women. The stories take form in interviews with a wide variety of women (mostly unknown to me but that doesn't bother me) photographs, projects, drawings, and surveys. The core of the book are the surveys the authors/editors (Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, Leanne Shapton and Mary Mann) especially designed for the book. 

I have had this book for a few months now, I keep it besides my bed and I browse through it every couple of nights. Browse rather than read from cover to cover, as you would with a traditional book. It is not an ''easy'' book as it is not immediately apparent how one should read it. It almost need studying. I really like the artistic projects and photographs and the different angles at which we can perceive clothes. It makes a refreshing change from cliche fashion and beauty glossy magazines. In a way it it resembles 40+fashion blogs, it seems more real to me.

Opinions about the quality of the book differ hugely. The Guardian found it a banal and self-important book (see the article here) while the Telegraph calls it 'a thing of beauty' (read the full article here). Dutch newspapers showed a similar divide. Personally I think it is not as diverse as the authors make it out to be but I find the questions around which the book is centered very inspiring. 

On the website you can still fill out a survey of 83 questions of your own. I have not done this (yet) but I plan to because I find the questions thought provoking and worthwhile. The questionnaire could function as a tool to help you (re)defining your own style. 

I picked one question out:


Here is my answer: During Art College I went through a student trainee work placement with a ceramic artist. I was 22. She remarked on something about my lack of nice clothes, about me not being fashionable. She assumed I did't care about beautiful clothes as she always saw me in old jeans or very inelegant workwear. I was really hurt by her comments! Thing was, as a poor product design student, always at work in a workshop, I had no money to buy nice clothes and hardly any opportunity to wear them. What her comments made me realize however, is that how I looked on the outside was no reflection of how I felt on the inside. It never before occurred to me that my love of all things beautiful was not as apparent and logical to others as it was to myself (or my boyfriend; he called me the Aesthetic Police, but that was mostly concerning the house) I promised myself that as soon as I could afford it, I would only wear lovely clothes. And I have done.

See these lovely lovely pointy flats? They are from Uterque, an slightly more upmarket Zara (in fact also owned by the same Spanish company Inditex) Of course they are for summer but I simply can't wait to wear them now. I wish I could wear them outside (inside is already a challenge!) like Laura Fantacci from the wonderful blog Wearing It Today(WIT) does with her beautiful lace up flats from Isabel Marant. Oh, I'm just jealous!

Grey jumper is from Uniqlo, featured in my post about Wardrobe Glue (link).
The shirt with embellished collar is old, from Maison Scotch.

Talking about linking: I linkup to Fashion Should Be Fun and Not Dead Yet Style on a regular basis.

What would you answer to question number 7? What is your most transformative conversation you ever had about fashion?

Let me know in the comments!

See you next time,


donderdag 5 februari 2015

Styling in icy colours: wool tartan blanket cape

tartan blanket cape
Catarina Martins Chelsea boots

Today I took Madam Mannequin out in the snow. That cardboard square she has stuck in her torso is a focus target. She didn't like it much or the snow for that matter. The poor doll, she kept on complaining and saying she looked like a cousin of C3PO. Never the less, the focus target helped me focus a lot better so I will keep on using it (see more about self portrait photography on this page)
In a local recycling shop (they make new things out of old stuff) I found this beautiful cape made of a wool tartan blanket. It was an actual blanket! The lady who makes these folds them in the middle, cuts a middle line open and takes out an oval shape at the top to create a neckline. The whole is finished with navy wool piping and a large button to hold the two halves together. I added a popper at the back so it is securely fastened. It is one of those pieces of clothing that make me so happy! It bobs and flows around me when I walk. It is very warm but it being so cold now I wore a leather biker jacket underneath. I am looking forward to Spring when I can wear the blanket cape as a jacket on it's own. You could quite easily make one yourself out of al old blanket if you are handy with a sowing machine.
On my feet are my trusted Catarina Martins classic Chelsea boots teamed with grey Falke legwarmers (which are on their return I have heard...)

Wool tartan blanket cape styling
blue tartan blanket cape

 see you next time,


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