vrijdag 27 februari 2015

How do old favorite 501's end up?

Like this! Covered in paint and plaster. My 5 year old son made this photograph with my phone, hence the blur. It is half term so I don't have the time or opportunity to make a proper outfit post. In between visits to swimming pools, zoo's, playgrounds, birthday parties and playdates I am changing one of the bedrooms (one can never have enough yellowy orange in a house) Wearing my paint & DIY jeans made me think back about how much I once loved them. These Levi's 501 must be quite old, from before the skinny jeans era. For years this model was my standard jean; I bought one every year. Jeans buying made easy: pluck off the shelve, pay & go, no need for trying them on. Suddenly they fell into disgrace and I moved straight on to skinnies.
How is it possible that these jeans were once my favorites while now I can only see fault at every angle?! (and then I don't mean the paint splatters) The fabric is too stiff and the cut is far too wide. Now, Levi's have revamped their classic (see here for more details) with tapered legs but they kept the 100% cotton non-stretch fabric. The cut looks indeed a lot more contemporary and if I was in need of anther pair of jeans I would definitely try them on. I have slight doubts about the fabric though. After years spend in the comfort of elastane in jeans would I like pure cotton? Then again it is not that different from the boyfriend jean from MIH see here for your self at less then half the price. (I bought a MIH Phoebe Jean in white in the sale, now I think about it, it is pure cotton..must do a post on this)
To be fair, the rise is fine and my bum looks OK in these.
High toptrainers: Kennel + Schmenger. I am so sad I've worn these out! These have not fallen from grace and been degraded to oddjobs-shoes. They are still extremely comfortable but there is a tear at the side at my right shoe and I can't get the leather clean anymore.(simular)

Do you have an old favorite you still use for jobs around the house? What do you think when you are wearing it now?

Let me know in the comments!

See you next time,


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  1. You're totally gonna start a new trend, Irmin! Thanks for linking up this cute post with FUN FASHION FRIDAY!
    Dawn Lucy

  2. I had so many pairs! Miss them. They always fit great! I wish I had held on to them.


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