donderdag 5 februari 2015

Styling in icy colours: wool tartan blanket cape

tartan blanket cape
Catarina Martins Chelsea boots

Today I took Madam Mannequin out in the snow. That cardboard square she has stuck in her torso is a focus target. She didn't like it much or the snow for that matter. The poor doll, she kept on complaining and saying she looked like a cousin of C3PO. Never the less, the focus target helped me focus a lot better so I will keep on using it (see more about self portrait photography on this page)
In a local recycling shop (they make new things out of old stuff) I found this beautiful cape made of a wool tartan blanket. It was an actual blanket! The lady who makes these folds them in the middle, cuts a middle line open and takes out an oval shape at the top to create a neckline. The whole is finished with navy wool piping and a large button to hold the two halves together. I added a popper at the back so it is securely fastened. It is one of those pieces of clothing that make me so happy! It bobs and flows around me when I walk. It is very warm but it being so cold now I wore a leather biker jacket underneath. I am looking forward to Spring when I can wear the blanket cape as a jacket on it's own. You could quite easily make one yourself out of al old blanket if you are handy with a sowing machine.
On my feet are my trusted Catarina Martins classic Chelsea boots teamed with grey Falke legwarmers (which are on their return I have heard...)

Wool tartan blanket cape styling
blue tartan blanket cape

 see you next time,


2 opmerkingen:

  1. LOVE this plaid cape! So chic and cozy! Okay I have to ask … what the heck is a popper?! Thanks so much for joining in FUN FASHION FRIDAY! Hope you have a fun and fabulous weekend!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thank you! Always great to look chic without spending much! A popper is probably a British relic in my vocabulary! Synonyms are snap buttons, snap fasteners, push buttons, press studs and so on. I think you know what I mean, those little round metal things..:-)


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