donderdag 12 maart 2015

Crochet flowers for grownups

Crochet flowers for grownups, YMC
Crochet flower top mature woman
crochet flower top mature woman

Our streets lay open again for a third time in a row! The council curiously never seems to coordinate these activities with the telecom people or the watercompany. Now we get a complete overhaul for new sewerage. My boys and their friends hope this will take a long long time.... They love playing in the sand (or mud) and building huts with leftover bits and pieces. I went to have a look at their creation wearing a beloved crocheted top. This lovely top has been waving at me from the top shelve in my wardrobe; when can I finally come out!? It was designed two seasons ago by a wonderful London based British label You Must Create (YMC). The flowers are hand crocheted and I adore them! Exactly the right combination of pastel colours with black, white, grey and ivory. It is sweet but not too sickly sweet, so ideal for grownups. Something about it makes it so obvious its not from the children's
section. Maybe because the pattern is bold and it is only the front panel; the back of this top is plain ivory very fine knitted cotton. The pattern and structure remind me of the cushions my Belgian great aunt had many years ago. I love the idea of taking a traditional craft item and reworking it to create a new modern piece. It is simply cool and mature!

Crochet top: YMC. They do flower patterns, lace and broderie in a very cool mature way, check out their tops here.
Black Jeans: Flippa K Lola Superstretch Jeans, exact here.
Green coat (old): Benneton.
Bracelet (old): from French market a few summers ago.
Mid heel silver low ankle boots: van Assem (similar here).

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  1. What a fun sweater! Adorable! And the boys look like they're having a blast! Have a fab weekend and thanks for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday!
    Dawn Lucy


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