vrijdag 6 maart 2015

Early Spring dressing: layers of yellow, camel and pink

Very very early Spring dressing! My preoccupation with the weatherforecast borders on OCD some days with checking the weatherapp on my phone every few hours. Especially rain is of great interest to me, and temperature and wind. Everything about the weather actually. I was born in the wrong country, I guess. I check next days' weather forcast before I go to sleep and then I decide what I will wear tomorrow. The thought of having this dress-plan for the next morning relaxes me and then I can safely fall asleep. As much as I would like it to be different, not fashion but the weather ultimately determines what I am going to wear. Earlier in the week it was dire outside with very hard wind (gale force!) but yesterday I could go out on my bicycle to get a Camellia to brighten up the patio outside the house. It was sunny, but still nippy with a chilly Easterly wind. This is such irritating weather, really. It looks lovely when you are indoors. Step outside and it is too cold to wear your lovely Spring clothes, but as soon as you move (cycling) you get hot plus I'm so tired of my winterclobber. Layers are the answer. I took the Mustard Yellow Coat from Zara (featured in this post) out the mothballs. It would be to thin on its own right now so I teamed it with a very old but trustworthy camel blazer and added various elements that said 'Spring' to me: a bright pink thin cotton jumper (which I incidentally bought for autumn, ahem), sweet pink earnings and my very old & beloved pair of kittenheel pointy pumps (in Dutch this heel type is called ''Queenie'') worn with lace-look socks. I felt positively Springy, if that is a word!

Mustard yellow coat: Zara (old) I like this one and this one
Camel velveteen blazer: Zara (ancient) I quite like this classic ''horsey' jacket.
Faded red jeans: Bellerose (old) Similar here
Pink cotton jumperStawberry Daiquiri, Marc by Marc Jacobs (old) Similar here.
Shoes: Sacha Shoes (possibly antique, bought in 2001!) Similar
Socks: HEMA (Dutch general store but they have this great international website)
Bag (old): Fred de la Bretoniere (Dutch designer). Check out his website
Earrings: Camps & Camps (see:website)
Bracelets: plastic pink from a local chemist and the blue from Isabel Marants collection for H&M last year.
Two tone cashmere scarf: gift from friend 

Do you share my preoccupation with the weatherforecast? Let me know in the comments!

See you next time,


(I enjoy regular linkups to Fashion Should Be Fun and Not Dead Yet Style)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. How cute are you in those great red pants? They look FAB on you! Such a fun look and I love the bicycle photo. Thanks so much for always supporting Fun Fashion Friday, Dear!
    Dawn Lucy

  2. I love all of your colorful layering and your shoes are simply fabulous! I really enjoyed your beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I take self portraits, sometimes it still goes a bit hit & miss but I'm slowly getting there!

  3. I'm so glad that you linked up with SHOE AND TELL on Style Nudge! I am loving your "Queenie" maryjanes. I'm a huge vintage lover and if I didn't know better I would say those are vintage - they are just so unique. Love that they are two-toned and pointy-toed. Fabulous with your colorful outfit and Camilla flower.


  4. Thank you Cherie! They are not officially vintage as I bought them new in 2001, but they do look Indeed vintage. I"ll join your lovely link up again soon!


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