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Mango Leather trousers REPORT revisited | Wide brown leather trousers styling

Brown wide leather trousers
Wide brown leather trousers Mango

Cool or what? Leather trousers and skater shoes at the skate park (where I go with my sons to let them loose on the half pipes with their stunt scooters - I don't hang out there on my own) I've had these brown leather trousers from Mango since last November. See the post The FULL report I did on these. I've worn them a number of times but as I noticed after a first wear, something strange happened to the backside. My worries about them became true and worse than that, they grew! These trousers have become wider and longer with each wear. It has come to a point that I won't be wearing them anymore. A very bad score on the prize-per-wear front. I've paid roughly €80,00 for them (with a discount voucher luckily) and I've worn them 5 times. Gah! That is a whopping €16,00 per wear. Mango: I am not pleased at all!!
I do however like the look (at the front, haha) and I will put this experiment down to experience; sometimes you just need to try out a item to see if it works and if something like it is worth the investment. Next autumn I will be on the look out for a good pair of brown leather trousers (tips are welcome)
Self portrait photography

Have you noticed? I wear these sunglasses (from a local chemist's) over my normal glasses. Weird habit it may seem but I find it easier then constantly changing glasses. And you can just make out the black pearl earrings I'm wearing. I love these!
Vans perforated leather slip-on skater shoe womens

These perforated leather slip-ons from Vans are really cool & comfortable. Looking forward to wear them with bare feet I had to combine them now with warm socks; it is still so cold here! (exact) I know white Stan Smith style tennis shoes are all the range and I did have a proper look at them. I just can't shake the memories connected to those shoes (best friend in my youth was from a tennis mad family - we spend hours and hours hanging around in the tennis court while I could never play..) I prefer these white slip-ons!

The sturdy shopper is from Dutch brand Arma, light wool jumper from Bruuns Bazaar and the scarf from Zara (all old items) Lipstick is "Watermelon' from Bobbi Brown.
In the following photographs you can see how the leather is falling apart:
Wide brown leather trousers from Mango
Mango brown leather trousers

Did you ever try out a cheaper fashion item to see if it would work for you? Did you end up buying the 'real' version? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh shoot … they look so cool! Too bad about the stretching out! Well, I bet you were definitely the coolest mom at the skate park, Dear! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday!
    Dawn Lucy

  2. Hey I've checked the collection and found it really attractive, I've also got great collection of Mango India at Majorbrands.


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