maandag 27 april 2015

What to wear when working from home: Adidas sweater & Brocade with a pop of pink

Adidas sweater, pink details
Adidas grey marl sweater with pink
Pointy black flats

'Tomorrow makes me curious' is printed on my notebook. I choose it for my notes exactly because tomorrow & the near future does make me curious! This week I have started a professional course to specialize further in (my current workfield) medical occupational health. The coming months I'll won't be doing much else besides studying Dutch social law, ergonomics and many many things occupational (there is no English translation for this profession -Arbeidsdeskundige- because it only exists in the Netherlands) I'm loving it!

Comfortable sportswear is easy to wear when working at home but I like my homewear to be elegant and colourful, made of nice fabrics. I do not even own a pair of tracksuit bottoms! This Adidas cardi is somewhat of an exception in my wardrobe, bought on a whim a few years ago. It has proved it self very useful though. It is mostly draped over the chair behind my desk to pull over my shoulders when I get cold after sitting still for a while (I know as a proper occupational health person this is actually a sign that my body need moving again, but alas!) I decided it deserved a proper styling. So here it is: teamed with chic brocade trousers (featured in this post), a slinky pink top that matches the classic Adidas triple stripe and pointy black flats. What's not to love? Mood improving straight away and that's why I bother, even when I'm stuck at home with my textbooks for company.....
Adidas grey marl sweater jacket with pink details
Pointy black flats
Black pearl and silver bracelet
Sports jacket: Adidas (similar)
Top: French Connection (similar)
Trousers: Jigsaw (old) (similar)
Shoes: Pied a Terre (extremely old) I like this one
Bracelets: vintage (black beaded) and coloured pearl and silver via showroomprive (till 30th April there is a sale on from Amour d'Perle which is quite similar but check them out, they have beautiful jewelery on sale on a regular basis. To give you an idea: I paid €11,00 for this bracelet!)
Chair: Philippe Starck, Kartell Masters
Notebook: Hema

Do you wear sportswear at home?

Let me know in the comments!

See you again soon,


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zaterdag 18 april 2015

The Adult Way to wear a Cap Sleeve T-shirt with Flare....

Paala shirt, flared jeans
self portrait photography

Flare...I mend flair of course. Not a typo but my attempt at language play (one of my favorite books, by David Crystal) When I lived in London I used to pass a fish & chip shop on the 52 bus route to Willesden Green every day. It was called the 'Plaice to Be'. I've always liked jokes and puns like that. Cheesy, I know!
This t-shirt falls more or less in that cheesy category. It has a funny cheerful graphic print of an apple on a bright green base with a 70s feel. The fabric is absolutely lovely, it's organic bamboo. It is by Paala, a small Dutch clothing label, producing hand screen printed shirts for women. I hardly ever wear T-shirts on their own anymore now I've passed the famous 40-line. When I was much younger I was very fond of tops with cap sleeves. I must have been on automatic pilot last year when I bought this shirt because when I had a closer view on a holiday picture (how seldom!) I spotted that my upper arms weren't the pre-children toned beauties anymore. Ok, that bit of body image corrected.
Solution: I wore it over an old office blouse in pale blue, nearly the same colour as the jeans. Styled this way, it looks like a slip-over (which we call a 'spencer' in Dutch oddly enough. This is another one of those English sounding words in our language that has a different meaning or doesn't exist at all in English. I had another example in the post early spring dressing)

The jeans I call starter flares. They are from Marks & Spencers and I bought them as an experiment. Would I like wide bottomed jeans again after years of skinnies? When I look down I think I'm wearing enormous flares, they certainly flap about when I walk. But now I've had a change to look at them properly (see, always trust the photograph, not the mirror!) to conclude that they are quite medium flares. Funny thing though, I must have gotten used to them in a very short space of time. I wore them the first time for this post in february and then I thought the flares where massive! I must say, I do really like flares and I hesitate to write 'again' as I only wore them in my very early youth. I shall be on the lookout for proper flares this autumn (she says with conviction..)

Hunkydory braided wrap leather belt
green peeptoe court , flared jeans

T-shirt: cool Dutch eco-label Paala  (similar)
Jeans: Marks & Spencers,  exact
Shirt: Bandolera
Shoes: Unisa. I would loooooove these! from Unisa.
Belt: Hunkydory (similar)
Bag: bought on holiday in France on a village market ( and now I've learned that they are in fact called French Market Totebags)
Camera: Pentax P30 (retired)

Cap sleeves over 40; No or GO?

Let me know in the comments!

See you again soon,


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zondag 12 april 2015

Quilted Ivory Kimono Jacket & Colourful Leopard Print Blouse in the morning sun

Quilted Ivory Kimono Jacket
Quilted Ivory Kimono Jacket, Colourful Leopard print Blouse
Quilted Ivory Kimono Jacket
Colourful Leopard Print Blouse
This cute little lane with pollard willows is one of the unexpected passages of green in Rotterdam. You'd think I'm walking down a country lane but in fact I'm next to a highroad to the motorway, metroline and a big general hospital.
The jacket I'm wearing is from a French brand called Manoush. I found it 'accidentally' on a sales website with a curious name, Showroomprivé. I always feel a bit embarrassed when I pick up a parcel from them at the collect-point (a tobacconist, to add to the misery - a place I never frequent as I am a passionate non-smoker!) The name suggests a shop for a certain kind of goods that are rather ahem, privé/private. Their previous name was Brandinvites which sounds more accurate and inviting. I can't for the life of me understand why they changed it but I'm still a happy customer there.
Back to the star of this blogpost: an unpattered Kimonojacket. I love kimono jackets but never owned one as I never liked the patterns on them. Unconsciously I must have been looking for one without pattern or that isn't too oriental. Happy as a child I was when I spotted this jacket! That's were my serendipity-light way of shopping comes in as I explained in this post last autumn. I like chinoiserie in clothing but I don't like it when items are exact copies or 'quotations'. The designer at Manoush is inspired by oriental influences and her clothes are bohemian but they are original and they never become too literal. The fine quilting of the kimono reminds me of jackets I've seen in India. The colour is very pale ivory with a pink undertone, nearly the same as my skin. It is 100% cotton but ever so fine, it feels like silk. I like combining it with something more colourful as tones that match my skintone too much tend to wash me out. The leopard print blouse has the same base colour but the colourful spots are just enough to make liven the look up.
Quilted Ivory Kimono Jacket
Green two tone ballerinas

Kimono Jacket: Manoush, via Have not found anything similar but I love this jacket!
Blouse: Maison Scotch (sold out) I think this blouse is quite similar in look and feel.
Jeans: Flippa K Super Stretch Coloured Jeans (three year old) (exact)
Bag: Isabella Rhea via Showroomprive
Shoes: Bisue Ballerinas via Showroomprive
Bracelet; de Bijenkorf (at least 10 years old) I'd really love this one! or this bangle.

Just as I finished shooting a group of people came by, see more on the behind the scenes page...

Do you let chance decide your clothing or do always know exactly what you are looking for?
Let me know in the comments!

See you again soon,


Shopping My Closet

donderdag 2 april 2015

What to wear when working from home: bomber jacket, boyfriend jeans & pointy flats

bomber jacket, boyfriend jeans, pointed flats
bomber jacket, boyfriend jeans, pointed flats
bomber jacket, boyfriend jeans, pointed flats
bomber jacket and breton stripes
pointy flats

When I'm working at home I don't want to feel like the mad woman in the attic (that's were my work space is) but I needn't dress like I am about to deliver a presentation to the BOD. See my theory on the freelancers-trap in the about page of Fashion Sabbatical Dress.

We all know how it is done, we have all read it in our guidebooks (think Style Forever from Alyson Walsh which is a truly great book!) We all know how to dress down a showbizz item and look cool and not overdressed in it during the day. So I put theory to the test and wore my tattiest pair of jeans with a luxurious silky bomber jacket with the this-goes-with-everything-Breton-striped-top. Finished the whole look off with funky pointy shoes and was amazed! It works!

I found this lovely blue and black patterned bomber jacket in the sale last year. I love bomberjackets (have a look on my Pinterest board on bomberjackets for more inspiration). I wish this one was reversible; I love the lining! I find bomber jackets very versatile and easier to style up or down than a blazer. I have another shiny one which you have seen on the post Glitzy bomberjacket pre-Christmas last December and a few plain ones.
The shoes are made of crackled leather in a shade that seems to adjust itself to what ever you are wearing. They are really comfortable or I just happen to be lucky enough to have sturdy feet, but I can walk in these all day  (OK, granted, I've spend most of the day behind the computer)

As you can see, I'm holding the remote control for the camera in my hand. The focus is still a hit & miss process, I'm afraid. See it as work in progress.....

bomberjacket Baum und Pferdgarten
Bomber jacket: Baum und Pferdgarten (exact)
Jeans: G-star Ford Straight (exact) Mine are 5 years old.
Belt: vintage (belonged to family member in the 80's)
Top: Cos (exact)
Shoes: Uterque, sold out. I like these and these are quite similar
Teacup: Ittala Taika (exact)
Lipshade: Watermelon from Bobbi Brown (exact)

Have you tried a 'tried & tested' combination for yourself? Did you like the result?

Let me know in the comments!

See you next time,


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