vrijdag 22 mei 2015

Daily Boho: Isabel Marant top and jeans

Isabel Marant top
Isabel Marant top
Isabel Marant top
Isabel Marant top

And here it is in all it's ironed glory, the Isabel Marant blouse I talked about in my previous post (why you never need to be afraid of dry clean only again). It is a cool understated bohohemian style blouse cum tunic. I had seen this in a local shop last year but found it far to expensive. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it on sale on The Outnet, reduced to 40% of the original price! It was still a hefty amount to pay for one item but it is simply divine. Made from a linen & silk blend (thus the Dry Clean only malaky..) it is a prefect warm weather top. The Boho trend - is it still a trend or a style by now; it has been going strong for a very long time now- is something I really like but not always full on. I am not by far an Ibiza goer and I don't not fancy looking like one either. This piece is just a bit different with the fresh polka dots and big check pattern. Oh, and I am sorry, it does become a bit tedious to keep on complaining about the weather here, but it is usually not this cold in the third week of May! So I started wearing my summer things with thermal underwear. Only joking, it's a standard white t-shirt I have on underneath but I have been tempted! And maybe, maybe we can persuade the weathergods to look favorable on us after all our efforts to dress like it is actually Spring. Watch this space.....
Isabel Marant for HM bracelet
Blouse: Isabel Marant via The Outnet
Bracelets: Isabel Marant for HM (blue) and fake coral from a local shop (red)
T-Shirt: Primark
Earrings: vintage
Jeans: Staff Jeans (old)
Flats: Piede a Terre (nearly vintage, had them over 10 years!)

Have you made a great super fantastic devine purchase in the sales?

Please share in the comments! I would love to hear from you and I always try to respond...

See you next time,


dinsdag 19 mei 2015

Why you never need to be afraid of 'Dryclean Only' again!

What do you when you see 'dryclean only' on the label in a garment? Let it hang on the rail in the shop and carry on searching? Have you noticed that a lot of clothes in the sale of expensive (online) shops often carry this advice in the label? Well, it is often very unnecessary advice, however nicely intended  (the aim after all is to keep the quality of the item as good as possible for a certain length of time).
Here is my advice; have a closer look! What is the piece actually made off? To give you an example, I have a knitted jumper made of 100% cotton where the label says 'Dryclean Only'. I beg of you, cotton to the dry cleaners? OK, it is Marc Jacobs (found at, reduced to a ridiculous price, wasn't I lucky!) But still, taking such an item to the dry cleaners is taking a simple cotton jumper far too seriously!

I have found that all manner of mixes of silk, wool, cotton and linen can easily be washed in the machine on the handwash/wool/silk program on a low temperature with special detergent. Of course, I wouldn't gamble on fitted items like jackets or a weddingdress but most other items are absolutely fine in your own humble laundryroom. I use good old Woolite for wool & silk but I'm sure you could use the standard supermarket fine detergent as well. The machine does a far better job than you can do yourself with a bucket or in the sink in keeping the right temperature, length of rinsing etc. I wash these delicate clothes on 20 Degrees Celsius, that is actually quite cold water! 'Handwarm' which feels comfortable because it is close to our body temperature of 37 Degrees, is far far to warm.

An other reason why people stay clear of things they need to hand wash or bring to the dry cleaners is the difficulty of having just the one item that needs special treatment. I have never been deterred from delicate fabrics, not even when my boys were babies. The trick is to own loads of delicate 'handwash' or 'dryclean only' items. After wearing  I store them in a special laundry bag. This is a safety measure as my dear husband often does the bulk-washes (towels, bedding, very soiled boys' trousers) and doesn't always sort things carefully. After a few traumatic incidents with my beautiful clothes I became wiser! You need a bit of stash of things to wash but you should only fill up half the drum so you do not really need that many fine clothes after all! (need is as flexible as chewing gum here)

Straight after washing I let the clothes dry on a hanger or flat on a airing rack. Here is my latest 'dry clean only' item: a silk and linen blend blouse by Isabel Marant (in the Outnet sale, hurray!). I'll iron it soon and show you in my next post!
Isabel Marant silk and linen blouse

Do you have special clothes maintenance tricks?

Please share in the comments! I would love to hear from you and I always try to respond...

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maandag 11 mei 2015

My Great British Love affair: sulphur yellow trousers & pink tasseled pumps

Boden Chelsea turn ups
Boden Chelsea turn ups
White summer blouse
Alice mid heel
Do you know Wallace and Gromit? The BBC broadcasted 'the wrong trousers' a couple of days ago again. I so love Nick Park's animation films. These are very clearly not the wrong trousers but the right trousers! Even before I lived in the UK I had a unexplainable love of all things British. When I moved to London to go the Royal College of Art in the mid-nineties, I felt at home immediately. Moving back to Holland four years later was very hard indeed and is has taken me good while to get adjusted to Dutch life again. My life in the Netherlands has turned out really brilliantly though and I have hung on to some British things over the last decade (PG-tips, BBC, English literature, fashion and style)

The use of colour in the UK is very different from the way the Dutch use colour (my thesis at college was about the difference in domestic architecture between the two countries and the subsequent difference in interior/colouring tastes) This sulphur mustardy yellow colour is slighty off in Dutch eyes, it's too dirty, it has a greenish undertone that makes it too 'difficult' from a Dutch perspective. I like these trousers and their weird colour because of their Britishness. They are from Boden, like the shoes, I doubt if anyone in blog-O-sphere hasn't heard from them! I like the fact that these trousers are a classic chino but with a very British tailoring like you see in men's suits (I have worked in an antiquarian bookshop in the City and have made a bit of a study of suits. Honestly you can spot a Dutchman from a mile of in the City! Slouchy suit with a Helly Hansen coat, yuk!)
Back to said trousers. They are not too wide, not too slim but exactly right in a lovely slightly stretchy fabric (no knees sticking out after sitting in them and my arse stays covered when I bend) etc, you get the picture. Perfect trousers!

As for the 'problem' of what to wear them with, I do not find them remotely difficult to style: I will team these trousers with white, cream, bright pink, navy or black. Today I'm wearing them with a cute star-printed blouse with fluorescent pink details from a Danish brand, Lollys Laundry (I do happen to have a huge crush on Danish Design as well)
The shoes. Do I actually need to mention them? These Alice Heels from Boden were plastered all over Instagram and Bloglovin and that's how I found them and fell in love with them. If you follow me on Instagram (fashionsabbatical) you might have seen them arrive on April 29th. Aren't they fun?
One of my aunts was worried I wouldn't be able to walk in them but I must say that they are sturdier then they look and I just love love love them!

In London I saw a lot of houses with wisteria growing all over at the front. I've always liked that idea very much so I planted one when we bought our house 5 years ago.The combination of the light purple flowers with the red front door looks a bit British to me somehow. And it's a clever way to hide the hideous concrete lintel above the door (must speak to the architect about this: what was he thinking!?) The photo's turned out a bit vague (I could call it dreamy...) and my apologies for that. I still struggle with focusing.
self portrait photography
Blouse: Lollys Laundry (nearly exact)
Trousers: Boden (exact)
Shoes: Boden (exact)
Earrings: Vintage
Make-up bag: Clinique

Do you have a great love affair when it comes to clothes? Brit Chic, Parisian or Scandinavian?

Let me know in the comments!

See you next time,


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maandag 4 mei 2015

May holiday wear: the best Breton stripe shirt ever!

Breton striped shirt
Breton striped shirt

A while ago I bought this Breton striped shirt from the Ines de la Fressange range from Uniqlo. They are sold out now but as long as this fruitful collaboration stands I expect they'll come up with more.... At any rate, Carine Roitfeld just started a collaboration with Uniqlo as I recently read in this post from that's not my age, so we might be treated to more French Style at a Bargain (and good quality!)
It is the May holiday, my house is flooded with children and I have a program full of days out, theme parks, museums, the restaurant with the big yellow M (only in schoolholidays) and loads loads more.
And I'll go on a glasses-hunt tomorrow! Yes finally, I am so tired of these glasses!
A Breton stripe with jeans and trainers (or sneakers as they are called across the pond and in the Netherlands funny enough) will see me trough all these activities without fail ( fear not I will not wear the same shirt for the entire week!)

Shirt: Uniqlo (Ines de la Fressange range)
Jeans: Staff jeans
Belt: Liebeskind (similar)
Trainers: Woden (similar)

What is your go-to holiday wear?
Let me know in the comments!

See you next time,


(I enjoy regular link ups with Fashion Should Be FunVisual MondayElegantly Dressed & StylishRachel the Hat and Style Nudge)

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