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It started with a blouse. I wanted to know where the blouses Dr. Nikki Alexander wears in Silent Witness came from. I googled them and I stumbled upon a blog called 'Does my bum look 40 in this?' by Kat Farmer. I did not know blogs about style and fashion even existed for the mature woman. In my mind blogging (per se) was for trendy twentysomethings. What a pleasant surprise! After this blog I found a host of others and I love reading them. I find inspiration and connection with other style-lovers. In Blog-o-sphere I found a community of women can I relate to in a way I can't with fashion magazines. 

My list of favorite blogs:

Does My Bum Look 40 In This?

Not Dressed as Lamb

En Brogue

Not Dead Yet Style

That's Not My Age

Highland Fashionista

Fashion Should Be Fun

My Fashionable 40s

No Fear of Fashion

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